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"If we abdicate this responsibility now and we do not make investments in transit, then future generations will look back and say: 'What were you thinking?"'

a dedicated trust fund so drivers know the extra tax they are paying can be used only for public transit improvements something the Liberals have already said they plan to do.

Premier Kathleen Wynne echoed Golden's comments.

Even though both the HST and gas tax are collected across the province, residents outside the GTHA won't be subsidizing transit in the metropolitan area, she said. They would receive their share of both the HST and gas tax to fund their own projects.

"Business is going to be asked to contribute through a Air Jordan 11 Low Varsity Red 2016 very modest increase to the corporate income tax and government is being asked to contribute by redeploying the HST funds that it already earns on the gas and fuel taxes."

Golden, who's urging an end to partisan warring over transit, said they're both wrong.

The gas tax increase would cost the average household in the GTHA about $80 in the first year and $260 after eight years, the report said.

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"People will get the math," said panel chairwoman Anne Golden, who said she drove to the news conference, but does use public transit.

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"Riders will pay through their fares . drivers are going to be asked to give through a very carefully graduated increase in gas and fuel taxes," Golden said.

But sitting in traffic for an additional 32 minutes a day could cost a driver more than $700 a year, it said.

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When fully implemented, the whole proposal will provide between $1.7 billion and Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Gs Dunk

"If we don't do something to change the pattern of how people move and get to work, we're going to be in an even worse situation than people now already agree we've reached, a kind of tipping point when it comes to congestion and crowding on our transit system," she said.

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Wynne has also said she'll issue so called "green bonds" next year to fund public transit.

The government has said the gridlock in the Toronto region is already costing the economy $6 billion a year.

The plan does not ask too much from any one group, she said.

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Doing nothing to fund transit will have dire consequences in Ontario, Golden warned.

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The report also proposes Air Jordan 5 Black Orange

$1.8 billion annually for the GTHA, the report said.

"That's no more than a sin tax, just like increasing the cost of alcohol and cigarettes because you want people to quit smoking and drinking, so they want people to quit driving and they want the drivers to pay for the transportation of the whole area."

"There's absolutely no evidence to support the idea that this can be funded from efficiencies or savings," Golden said.

One option is to hike the gas tax by three cents a litre in 2015, climbing to 10 cents after eight years, the panel said. The province could cap the increase at five cents a litre after Air Jordan 11 Low Varsity Red On Feet

"There's no way that we're going to be supporting new taxes, whether it's gasoline tax of five or 10 cents, whether it's a half a per cent increase in the HST," she said.

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Air Jordan 11 Low Varsity Red 2016

Air Jordan 11 Low Varsity Red 2016

three years if it hikes the Harmonized Sales Tax by half a percentage point after that.

Both opposition parties say new levies aren't needed to build public transit.

"I think the people will revolt," said Tory critic Doug Holyday, a former Toronto city councillor.

TORONTO Ontario should significantly raise the gas tax and borrow more money to help raise the tens of billions of dollars needed for public transit expansion in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, a government appointed panel said Thursday.

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But the governing Liberals say they haven't decided if they will raise the gas tax and borrow up to $2.50 for every $1 the province raises in new revenue, as the report suggested.

But hiking the tax on gasoline will drive up the cost of everything and won't create any jobs, said the Progressive Conservatives.

At the same time, the government should redirect the HST that it collects on the gas tax about $80 million a year in the GTHA to transit and raise corporate taxes by half a percentage point to 12 per cent.

The Tories say they can find the money within existing budget to pay for transit, while the New Democrats haven't said how they'd fund it.

Ontario currently imposes a levy of 14.7 cents per litre on unleaded gasoline and 14.3 cents per litre for diesel, which hasn't changed in more than 20 years.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she doesn't want to give the Liberals another "blank cheque" to waste people's money with tax hikes.

Panel recommends gas tax hike to fund public transit

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